Culture Wars

Now, I’m speaking in very general terms here and painting with a broad brush but in looking at the ways the American right and left see each other, there is one major difference.

The left, even the radical left, seems to often view conservatives as being backwards, stupid, bigoted, and suckers who vote against their own interests. That much is clear. But I don’t get the sense that the left considers the average conservative American to be an enemy that needs to be defeated. More like they want to win them over, and then become frustrated and angry when they find that conservatives are by nature stubborn and resistant to change, even change that would benefit them.

On the right, however, liberals are enemies who need to be dealt with, who are actually trying to make America a worse place either to fit some “agenda” or fulfill the need to “control” the population. Upon Trump’s election, they were seemingly more happy that Clinton supporters were upset than actually being optimistic about their own future.

In short, liberals see conservatives as obstacles to be overcome to create a better society. Conservatives see liberals as an enemy to be hated and defeated.

From a class viewpoint, as classic divide-and-conquer strategy from our rulers.


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