Did George Lucas Predict 2017 USA in 1977?

One of the goals of science fiction is to predict the future.  Now, while it’s become trendy for the more pompous sci-fi fans among us to deride the Star Wars franchise as “space fantasy”, one can look back at the original 1977 film, before it was re-titled “A New Hope”, and see some parallels to today’s America.

For example, the United States, much like the Empire, was once a democracy but is currently an oppressive military state that controls outside systems/countries via fear – as Grand Moff Tarkin points out.  Tarkin in the film is referring to the Death Star, which can be seen as a metaphor for the current US national security state/military machine.   In addition to the Death Star, the Empire maintains an impressive fleet of battleships which roam the galaxy in order to put down any troublemakers.   In much the same way, the United States Navy patrols the international waters making sure no anti-American activity takes place.

The main villain of Star Wars of course was Darth Vader,  a one-time good guy/celebrity who later turns into this monstrosity of a leader, the kind of guy who kills his subordinates at the very moment they displease him.  Now, of course Donald Trump merely fires his subordinates in such a way, but the metaphor works.   And to take things a step further, the true leader in the movie was the emperor, who was referenced but hidden from the audience.  In much the same way, was Lucas predicting that Trump would be a puppet, controlled by unseen, more powerful forces?

It goes on.   The Death Star could destroy an entire planet, and none of the other systems did anything about it.  Only a band of “rebel scum” dares to infiltrate the battle station.  The United States can invade Iraq, and none of the other countries resist, only bands of “terrorists” dare to fight back.  Princess Leia is Hillary Clinton, the heir to the throne who falls short in her confrontation with Trump and becomes a leader of the resistance.  R2-D2 and C3-PO predict the rise of the gay rights movement.

Taking this to its logical conclusion…Luke Skywalker = Osama Bin Laden?   Why not?


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