Opinions I Hold That Most Will Disagree With

I suspect that most of us have at least some of these, but keep them to ourselves for fear of public rejection.   But the way I see it, even though I hold a lot of opinions that are pretty popular, there is not much point in expressing them.   But unpopular opinions are fun.  So here goes:

  • While The Beatles were certainly a better band than Oasis, Oasis recorded two songs (“Live Forever” and “Don’t Look Back In Anger”) that were better than anything the Beatles wrote.
  • Tom Brady is the most overrated athlete in history.  He’s good, but he has five Super Bowl rings because he plays for Bill Belichick, aka The Master of Football, who could win with any competent NFL quarterback.
  • George W. Bush’s “doofus” act during his Presidency was just that, an act, designed both to appeal to voters and disarm enemies.  The guy is a lot smarter than people gave him credit for.  This is true of Donald Trump as well.  Beware of people who say dumb things but still manage to achieve their goals.
  • I’m from North Carolina, so I’m kind of obligated to go on and on about how great barbecue is.   But it’s really not.  It’s okay, for the most part.   Not something I’d eat every day or every week.
  • You really can’t label yourself a “feminist” and claim to be for equality.  That would be like a somebody saying they’re pulling for both Duke and North Carolina to win the NCAA tournament.
  •  Heath Ledger’s turn as the Joker in The Dark Knight was an example of narcissistic scenery-chewing and frankly, Jared Leto’s interpretation of the character in Suicide Squad was much creepier and therefore better.   Ledger’s joker wasn’t scary at all, just a dork who liked to ramble dorm-room philosophy and lick his lips.   Lucky for him, apparently it’s nothing to load up buildings and boats in Gotham with tons of explosives without anybody noticing.
  • The term “soccer” supposedly derived from shortening the British term “Association Football” (as opposed to “Rugby Football”).  But if this is true, the sport should be known as “Assball”.
  • Prince was really an overrated musician.  He was the kind of guy who would win any talent show you put him in because he was very theatrical, but in general his music strikes me as watered-down variations of black music for white audience consumption.
  • Like most of Paul Verhoeven’s films, Showgirls was a brilliant satire that went over the heads of almost everybody, including yours truly when I first saw it.  Starship Troopers is another example although people are finally starting to get that one, especially the way it predicted 9/11 and America’s subsequent adventures in the Middle East.
  • The main reason the Dallas Cowboys became “America’s Team” is because they put big stars on their helmet and people were subconsciously attracted to the symbolism.
  • Goodfellas is a much better gangster film than The Godfather.
  • One example of the subtle racism of sports fans is that everybody assumes that Barry Bonds took steroids yet nobody questions Cal Ripken, Jr. about it.  But compare the size of Ripkin’s noggin today with when he started his career, and remember that steroids are not just used to build muscle mass but to help speed recovery time from injuries.
  • Cheating in amateur or informal sporting events and games is unconscionable. Cheating in professional sports is a different matter; with money on the line you should assume that everybody is cheating, or as they call it “gaining a competitive advantage”.  As they say in NASCAR country, if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.
  • I don’t care what anybody says, Ringo Starr has no idea how to play the drums.

That’s all for now…



3 thoughts on “Opinions I Hold That Most Will Disagree With

  1. Ripken’s appearance did not change during his career. And we pretty much assume the same things about McGwire and Clemens as Bonds without definitive proof. Ripken’s overall popularity with fans and the media may explain any preferential treatment he receives.


  2. I’m telling ya, if you google a photo of Ripken during his rookie year and then compare it to his final season, it’s a notable difference. It’s not proof, of course, but my point is that once you start a witch hunt, you can’t ignore someone with a black hat flying on a broom.


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