The College Dream

It happened again.  Another dream last night where I was back in college and had an exam coming up for a class I hadn’t bothered to attend all semester.   I swear I’ve had variations of this dream at least once every six months and those are just the ones I can remember.   And I haven’t been involved in a formal educational setting since 1998, when I took a few computer courses at a local community college.  Haven’t been enrolled in a university since I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1996.

What’s really strange is that almost every college graduate with whom I’ve spoken to about this sort of dream tells me that they have them as well.  Now, I do remember occasionally being anxious about exams back in college, but at the same time I was a pretty mediocre student who hated the school aspect of school and didn’t really stress myself out over grades or anything like that.   So I can only imagine that people who were really motivated students must have these dreams even more often than I do.

Bottom line: college messes with your head.  Avoid it if you can.  Pink Floyd was right.


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