The Tyranny of Tradition

So I’m typing this last post at Starbucks and needed to use the restroom, and there was this guy in there for a long time.   The local Starbucks that I frequent has a setup where there are two restrooms in the back, marked for Men and Women.    I pull on the door  and it’s locked.  I wait a few minutes, try, a  couple of times and the guy is still in there.   So I mention to one of the baristas that somebody had been in the Men’s room for quite a while, not so much because I needed to pee that badly, but because perhaps some sort of inappropriate behavior is going on in there.   She replies, “there is nothing I can do about it, but you can use the women’s room.”

So, I went into the women’s room and found that it looked just like the men’s room, there was a toilet and a sink and that’s about it.  Did my business and left to return to my coffee.  But it occurred to me how silly the whole idea of  having separate but equal public restrooms really is.  Why not just have two restrooms?

Now, my mind makes weird associations, and for God-knows whatever reason I am reminded of the song “Operation Spirit (The Tyranny of Tradition)“, by the hyperactive 90’s band Live (which, let’s face it, is the worst possible name for a band, which…now that I think about it…. might have been why they chose it), and it occurs to me that perhaps they had a point, we really do let tradition get in the way of progress.

I didn’t really like Live as a band, even though they were big during my formative years, maybe because, if you watch the linked video, they were obviously on some form of speed during their performances and recordings.