The NFL and Brain Damage

One thing that gets me about the modern pro football fan is that we are always talking about ways to make the game “safer”, as if the appeal of the game doesn’t rely upon violence.   We don’t like to admit that we find violence exciting, and when we do, we kind of adopt this childish fantasy that we can witness violence without it causing harm to another person.   We tell ourselves that the pads and helmets they wear protect them, even as science proves us wrong.   I don’t care who you are, when one player slams into another, that shit hurts, and when you do it over and over again, the pain is going to prolong itself as the man ages.

At the very least, it is unconscionable that every player who mans an NFL roster is not guaranteed full health coverage for the rest of their lives.   I know that it’s “business”, which has become our society’s way of rationalizing psychopathic behavior, and that the NFL player’s association agrees to a collective bargaining agreement, where they are up against a legalized monopoly, but come on.  These are human beings, entertaining us on television every Sunday while not just the owners rake in millions, but their media partners as well?

If our Congress was functional, there would be a law requiring NFL owners to fully fund a health insurance program for all former NFL players.   But there is not, because we suck as a nation and elect people based on whether or not they are for or against people who don’t look like us.




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