First Order of Business…

I guess first things first, I gotta address the surrealism that is the United States of America under President Donald Trump.   In some ways, I respect Trump; the guy is clearly the Smartest Man in The Room in almost every occasion, his mastery of the art of persuasive speech is obvious, sometimes one wonders if we have stumbled into a Stanley Kubrick film where the dialogue and facial expressions of the actors causes us all to wonder if the plot that appears on the surface conceals themes that are being fed into your subconsciousness.   In other words, who can tell if Trump is playing this thing straight or has he surpassed Andy Kaufman as the Greatest American Troll ever?   I mean, we know he socialized with the Clinton to some degree before he decided to make his run, and there are well-founded rumors that Trump actually called Bill Clinton right before he decided to join the race.   Who does that?

My theory, and I am not shy when it comes to floating conspiracy theories, is that Trump was signed on to be a troll all along.   He was a rich member of the NYC elite…why would he suddenly become concerned for the working class?  He was supposed to disrupt the GOP nomination process so much that the Republicans were to give. Hillary a weaker opponent.  He ended up giving them the gift that keeps on giving, himself.  So things turn out even better than planned, Hillary gets to run against a guy who is going to go out of his way to portray the obnoxious conservative blowhard.

The one thing nobody seemed to predict was that America would actually find Trump’s act appealing and elect him president.  Trump himself didn’t even seem to see this coming, famously having no transition team ready after the election nor appearing to have much idea of what the job actually entails.   Remember the photos of his post-election White House meeting with Obama?  Trump appears to be scared shitless.  Even now he’s saying things like “I thought this would be easier”.

Granted, this is all probably just wishful thinking.  But what more do we have left?


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