Welcome to TARRANTblog

I am launching this blog to express my opinions on matters of the public interest.  I have been told, through years of posting comments on Facebook and other social media sites that I often have an unorthodox perspective on politics, culture, and sports.   I enjoy doing this, I love civil debate and welcome all points of view.   You will find that my political views lean towards the left, but I don’t care to be pigeonholed;  it has never been clear to me why a person can’t be Pro-Choice and also favor second amendment rights.  If I must label myself, I would say I’m a progressive, but not a liberal, in the sense that I do not yearn for a utopia, but rather I feel that we the people should collectively address problems as they arise and improve upon things that can be improved upon.

A bit about me, I am a native of Charlotte, NC, where I currently reside.  I hold BA from the UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Media and Journalism, although I have never worked as a journalist.   I am also an artist and musician, I play a mean set of drums and a little guitar.  Huge fan of the UNC Tar Heels gridiron and hoops, one of the Original fans of the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets.   I recently adapted the New York Yankees as my favorite baseball team, just to annoy certain people.

Thanks for reading and I hope to piss a lot of you off in the coming days.


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