Culture Wars

Now, I’m speaking in very general terms here and painting with a broad brush but in looking at the ways the American right and left see each other, there is one major difference. The left, even the radical left, seems to often view conservatives as being backwards, stupid, bigoted, and suckers who vote against their […]

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LeBron v. Jordan (2017)

To kick this one off, let me restate that my true position is that comparing basketball players across eras is very difficult, as so many things change: the rules, the style of offenses and defenses, the tightness of the officiating, the caliber of competition, the way teams are constructed, to name a few. Now, I […]

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The tree of liberty…

…must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson said that.  There’s a man who knows the score. Will James T. Hodgkinson someday be remembered as a hero and patriot in the history books? I guess that depends on which side wins….    

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The united states is a cruel place

A former co-worker once told me that I was “curious about the world”.  I guess this explains my attraction to documentary films, which have become my preferred format of entertainment since one can only watch so many reboots of Spider-Man before it starts to become predictable. Now, of course, documentaries generally only document unfortunate events […]

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