Southpark Sucks

Always has, always will. Here’s why: 1.The show is too cowardly to take a stand on any issue 2. When it does have a point to make, it beats you over the head with it 3. It “punches down” way too often (Parker and Stone are basically privileged kids making fun of others) 4.They have […]

New Feature: “Uni-Watch-Watch”…

Since Paul Lucas has banned me from posting comments on his blog, for the offense, I guess, of not kissing his ass enough, or daring to have a different opinion, it has occurred to me that I could just start posting my thoughts and reactions to Uni-Watch here, where Paul cannot Thought Police me. So […]

Civil War Pregame Show

Okay, so now Trump is sending federal “law enforcement agents” who just so happen to be dressed like troops into major citie where they are throwing random people into unmarked vans and driving away without identifying themselves as police or telling people what they are being arrested for.  Now, it seems to me that this is kind […]

How Star Wars taught me the importance of being in the minority.

So you probably have noticed that my views have taken a shift towards the right/Republican/conservative camp, even though my policy ideals and principles remain the same.   Why?  Because it looks like the left/Democrats/BLM camp is now the majority, or at least is dominating the narrative (for the lack of a better term).  As Axl Rose […]

How to tell smart people from dumb people

First off, this is not going to be one of those George Carlin rants about how everybody but himself is an idiot (and I love Carlin, but damn did he have a bloated opinion of his own intellect) , nor is it going to be a piece about how only my opinion on things is […]

Joker and George Floyd

It wasn’t really that long ago….but it sure seems like a different era when Todd Phillip’s masterpiece Joker was released and some critics feared that the film might inspire a violent uprising. Of course, those critics were roundly laughed at, I suppose because people didn’t run out of the theaters after the closing credits and […]